The Freelance Game Podcast Ep 4 — Building Momentum as a Freelancer

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After taking a few weeks off to launch the podcast, it’s exciting to dive back in and officially start our biweekly schedule with Episode 4 of The Freelance Game podcast! The grab-bag fun of the intro catch-up and listener question segments continues to evolve as we dig deeper into the personal  ebb and flow of our own freelance lives. For our main topic, we talk about building momentum as a freelancer and how you can turn your initial successes into a solid career.

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No Fooling: my book UUDDLW is on sale for $2.99 today!

UUDDLWKINDLEFINALsmallforwebRather than pull off some elaborate April Fools stunt, I figured you might appreciate something less fooly-fooly… like a crazy ebook SALE! For a limited time, the Game Journo Guides Series‘ flagship book, Up Up Down Down Left WRITE: The Freelance Guide To Video Game Journalism is on sale for the stupid low price of $2.99! (Reg price $8.99) With over 230 pages of super in-depth advice for navigating the ins and outs of freelancing in the video game industry, this book is a great addition to your word-slinging arsenal. Grab it while you can for this low-low price! Sale ends tomorrow.

My New Podcast “The Freelance Game” is Live!

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So a crazy thing happened yesterday evening. I launched a podcast! More specifically, a podcast about freelance writing, video game journalism, and making a living writing about geeky things. It’s called The Freelance Game, and I can’t wait for you to hear it! We can’t wait, actually. I’m co-hosting the show with long-time freelance comrade, Mac|Life editor, and Game Journo Guides book editor Andrew Hayward. We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes for the past few months to get the first three episodes together to prep for launch, and we’re excited to announced that it’s all finally out!

Now that we’re live, you can listen to all three episodes right away by subscribing on iTunes or streaming episodes directly from our website! You can also find detailed show notes for each episode on the website, and a lengthy post explaining what the show is all about and why we’re doing it here.

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Guest Post: Why I Wrote A Book on Fandom Journalism

otakujournalistI know guest posts are a bit of a rarity on this site, but I wanted to take a quick moment to let you know about my colleague Lauren Orsini’s new book, Otaku Journalism, that just launched today on Kindle! Lauren is a skilled writer and her enthusiasm for reporting on geeky topics is absolutely infectious. I’m already a few chapters into reading her new book and love it, so I highly recommend you grab a copy today! Here’s a post from Lauren talking a bit more about the project:

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The Quest for #1 (And How You Can Help Today!)


So this crazy thing happened yesterday. I kicked off a four day Kindle Countdown sale for the first time, using my latest book Interview Fu: The Game Journo Guide to Conducting Killer Interviews as the guinea pig. I dropped the price to $0.99, which is basically giving the book away for free. I get a pretty minimal cut at that point, so it’s more about visibility than the money. And DAMN did it get visible! But here’s where I need your help. I’m on a quest to hit #1, and I’m SO CLOSE. I just need a little boost.

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Interview Fu Kindle Countdown Sale!


If you’ve been holding off on picking up my new book Interview Fu: The Game Journo Guide To Conducting Killer Interviews, then NOW is the time to take ninja-action! I’m doing a weeklong Kindle Countdown sale starting today, however, the book is available for $0.99 TODAY ONLY. The price will slowly creep up $1 a day until it’s back to full price at the EOD on Friday.

Grab your copy today while it’s dirt cheap. I promise the value you’ll get from this book will far outweigh your meager $0.99 investment!

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