Book Review Drive (Last Day!) Get Self-Publishing Success Strategies for FREE on Kindle!

Untitled-1 copyIt’s the third and final day of my FREE promotion and “Book Review Drive” experiment for my latest book, Self-Publishing Success Strategies: 19 Tips To Sell More Kindle Books and Grow Your Audience! It’s been going quite well so far, and I’m hoping the large number of downloads over the past few days will translate into more reviews in the coming days and weeks. These things take a while to click, but it’s off to a great start!

You can still grab the book FREE on Kindle TODAY (But hurry, because it’s switching to paid again later).

In two days, I’ve had almost 650 people download a free copy of the book on Kindle, and it’s currently #1 on the free book charts in its categories, and at #582 out of ALL of the free books currently available on the Kindle store. That’s pretty good!

But the real objective of this “Review Drive” was to get more reviews for the book, and that seems to be working too! The book has been stuck at 12 reviews for a month or so. Since I started this drive two days ago, I’ve received four more reviews, and I expect others will trickle in over the course of the weekend and next week as folks who grabbed the book get around to reading it.

So far, so good! Today is the last day to grab a copy for FREE! If you do so, and enjoy the book, please consider leaving an Amazon review! That’s sort of the point of me giving away all these freebies this week. ;)


Book Review Drive! Get A FREE Book + Please Leave A Review!


It’s like a blood drive, but…for Amazon reviews? No, wait, that doesn’t quite fit. Errr..Weird. Sorry. I mean:

Hey folks! I’m running a three day Book Review Drive for my latest book Self-Publishing Success Strategies: 19 Tips To Sell More Kindle Books and Grow Your Audience! I’ve set the book price to FREE through Friday! The idea is that you can download a copy at no cost, give it a read, and if you enjoy the book, please consider leaving a short review and rating on Amazon! Why is this so important? Read on.

Book reviews help indie authors

Did you know that on average only, like, 3 percent of people who buy a Kindle book actually leave a review? That’s a bummer, especially because reviews really help other book buyers decide whether they might enjoy a particular read. As an indie author, it’s super tough to get readers to rate our books, even if folks love them.

I’ve sold about 4,000 copies of one of my other books, Write Short Kindle Books since it launched in January, and I’m lucky that 131 people saw fit to leave a review. That’s not bad, but it’s not great when you consider how many people actually have a copy, and that’s not including another 700 or so who grabbed it for free during a special promo.

Positive reviews are really powerful and can help a book out. They provide social proof and actually impact Amazon’s rankings a bit. Very negative reviews can have the reverse effect, damaging a book, though having some contrast across your book ratings can be a little helpful, as long as the balance doesn’t tip too far into the red.

I love it when people read my books, dig them, and take a moment to leave a nice review. That tells other readers on Amazon that my books don’t suck.

That said, I also encourage people to leave honest reviews, and I use constructive critiques to improve my current and future books.

How the Book Review Drive works! [Step-by-Step]

STEP 1: Between NOW and Friday, go download a free copy of the book on Kindle. [Don’t have a Kindle? No sweat, you can get a free app to read it on your smartphone, Mac, or PC!

STEP 2: Read the book. Easy. It’ll prob take an hour or two max. It’s a quick, info-packed read.

STEP 3: If you enjoyed the book? Go to the book’s Amazon page and leave a short review and a starred rating. It can be short and sweet, or more detailed. Whatever you prefer. You can do that manually be clicking on “customer reviews”, then “write a review.” OR just use this handy link to go RIGHT TO THE FORM! [P.S. You’ll have to log into your Amazon account first if you’re not already logged in.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your support!

Already have my book(s)? Enjoy them? GREAT! Please leave a review.

Case Study: My Kindle Book Publishing Strategy (Short Books, Series, Making the Most out of a Shoestring Budget)

tayloredI’ve had my head has been in the sand this month while I’m hard at work on some new books, freelancing gigs, and a few secret projects I’ll be rolling out very soon. But I wanted to come up for air to let you know I was recently interviewed by freelance writer and author Allen Taylor for his excellent site Taylored Content.

We chatted at length about my Kindle book self-publishing strategies, and Allen worked up a great info-packed case study! If you’re curious about Kindle publishing, you should definitely check it out here, and while you’re at it, scope out Allen’s new book and the other great content he has on the site, too!

Writing and launching a Kindle book in two months – (Interview w/ Lauren Orsini, author of Build Your Anime Blog)

cover_png_smallGeeking out about self-publishing and the writing life is one of my favorite things.

In the spirit of highlighting what other cool things folks are doing in the self-publishing space, I’ve got a great interview on tap today from my indie author pal Lauren Orsini, who just recently launched her awesome new book Build Your Anime blog: How To Get Started, Stand Out, and Make Money Writing About What You Love.

Lauren is a niche blogging wiz, and her latest self-published project is jam packed with not only her own expert insights into what it takes to build, launch, maintain, and monetize a niche blog, but also features interviews with a dozen other anime bloggers.

In this interview, we chat about her new book, how she managed to write and launch the thing in only TWO MONTHS, what it’s like being a hybrid (indie and traditional published) author, and much more!
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Self-publishing experiment: Changing your book title MID-LAUNCH! Crazy or BRILLIANT?

transformOne of the things I REALLY love about self-publishing is that it gives you the speed, flexibility, and freedom to try bold experiments and turn on a dime to respond to how your book is performing. I’m a huge advocate of trying new ideas and using each book launch as an opportunity to experiment and test different theories. So I’m putting my own words into action this week, with a wild and crazy experiment: I’ve changed the title and subtitle of my newest book MID-LAUNCH!

So, you can now grab my new book Self-Publishing Success Strategies: 19 Tips To Sell More Kindle Books and Grow Your Audience for $0.99 right here!

Here’s a little more info about why I’m trying this experiment, and be sure to come back when I share the results in the next few weeks!

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Rolling Natural 20s for the Sell More Books Show Podcast!

You know it’s a great day when you roll a natural 20 first thing in the morning! I wanted to put together a fancy video response for the 50th episode of the Sell More Book Show‘s question of the week, but then I got REAL busy. So I decided to make a quick-n-dirty goofy video by rolling a saving throw vs “How Bad I Want It.”

I had planned to just use some video editing to fudge rolling a natural 20 as a bit of nerd humor, but then I ACTUALLY ROLLED A NATURAL 20!!!! On the first try, on camera, no editing tricks! HAHAHA. Awwww YISSSSS!

Kindle Book Launch Success — Two Months Out and 2,600+ Sales

WSKDKindleCoverIt’s been about two months and a week since I launched Write Short Kindle Books, which became a Kindle bestseller and has easily been my most successful book yet. I previously posted an extensive rundown of how my initial launch month went, but I figured it’d be useful to check-in with an update on how things have gone past the prime 30-day launch window.

Overall, things are starting to slow down a bit, but I’m really pleased with how it’s all going. I’m also nowhere near finished with promo plans and other ideas to keep the book out there and in the charts. Anyhow, let’s get to it!

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