MEGA Kindle SALE – 5 of my 6 Kindle books are only $0.99 for a week!

This is not an April Fools prank. I’m running a $0.99 sale on my first four books, and my latest book is also currently $0.99. You can grab 5 books for 5 bucks!



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You’ll notice, too, that this sale includes my meaty guide to freelancing in the games industry, UUDDLW, which is normally $8.99 on Kindle! If you haven’t checked out these reads, feel free to grab them while you can, please leave a review if you enjoy them, and feel free to spread the word! The sale will be over a week from today!

Self-publishing experiment: Changing your book title MID-LAUNCH! Crazy or BRILLIANT?

transformOne of the things I REALLY love about self-publishing is that it gives you the speed, flexibility, and freedom to try bold experiments and turn on a dime to respond to how your book is performing. I’m a huge advocate of trying new ideas and using each book launch as an opportunity to experiment and test different theories. So I’m putting my own words into action this week, with a wild and crazy experiment: I’ve changed the title and subtitle of my newest book MID-LAUNCH!

So, you can now grab my new book Self-Publishing Success Strategies: 19 Tips To Sell More Kindle Books and Grow Your Audience for $0.99 right here!

Here’s a little more info about why I’m trying this experiment, and be sure to come back when I share the results in the next few weeks!

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Rolling Natural 20s for the Sell More Books Show Podcast!

You know it’s a great day when you roll a natural 20 first thing in the morning! I wanted to put together a fancy video response for the 50th episode of the Sell More Book Show‘s question of the week, but then I got REAL busy. So I decided to make a quick-n-dirty goofy video by rolling a saving throw vs “How Bad I Want It.”

I had planned to just use some video editing to fudge rolling a natural 20 as a bit of nerd humor, but then I ACTUALLY ROLLED A NATURAL 20!!!! On the first try, on camera, no editing tricks! HAHAHA. Awwww YISSSSS!

Kindle Book Launch Success — Two Months Out and 2,600+ Sales

WSKDKindleCoverIt’s been about two months and a week since I launched Write Short Kindle Books, which became a Kindle bestseller and has easily been my most successful book yet. I previously posted an extensive rundown of how my initial launch month went, but I figured it’d be useful to check-in with an update on how things have gone past the prime 30-day launch window.

Overall, things are starting to slow down a bit, but I’m really pleased with how it’s all going. I’m also nowhere near finished with promo plans and other ideas to keep the book out there and in the charts. Anyhow, let’s get to it!

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Writer Shop Talk: Are You an Indie Author?

newshoptalkIt occurred to me when I set out on this new branch of my self-publishing adventure that my choice of using the phrase “Indie Author” in the title of my latest book — and an entire self-publishing series — might be a dangerous move. Some authors and writers get REALLY rankled when you attach the term “indie” to what they do.

I’m not sure if it’s having a negative impact on my books sales or overall perception of my work among some readers, but it has got me thinking more about the term “indie” and what it means to me.

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Building Launch Momentum for your Kindle Books (Without a HUGE Author Platform) Part I.

newshoptalkIf you’ve got a massive author platform to tap into, it’s not hard to rocket your books up Amazon’s charts and move some serious units right from the get-go. But what if you’ve got less to work with? I’ve been at this for a while, and even with six books out (and more on the way), I’m still developing and expanding my platform to where I want it to be. That hasn’t stopped me from finding success, and it shouldn’t stop you.

My self-publishing manifesto, Write Short Kindle Books, launched just two months ago and quickly became an #1 Kindle best seller in several categories. It’s done really well, though my platform, mailing list, and social reach is a lot smaller than a lot of authors and writers out there. I just launched the follow-up book, Indie Author Success Strategies: 19 Tips to Boost Your Kindle Book Business, and I’m back to square one with building momentum for this new book. Seems an appropriate time, I think, to talk about book launches!

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