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Set in a grim world of technology, ancient magic, and dark corruption, MINDBURNERS is a cyber-occult dungeon runner game for 1-4 players.


As void runners, you and your opponents must arm yourselves with powerful abilities, push your luck to delve deeper into the void to gather vital energy resources, overcome treacheries and monstrous obstacles, and be the first to gain enough victory points to escape and seal the void forever.

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The Blessed Dark  (Mint Tin Edition)

640% FUNDED on Kickstarter

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The Blessed Dark is a cult-themed card and dice game for 2-4 players, 15-30 mins playtime, ages 13+.

You play as cultists vying for the favor of The Ancient Ones — the dwellers beyond the veil. By gathering blood, completing rituals, casting spells, and summoning demons, you will sow the seeds of darkness in a bid to become The Chosen.

The Blessed Dark – on Board Game Geek

This Limited Mint Tin Edition is hand assembled/shipped and is EXCLUSIVE to Kickstarter. Stay tuned, however, because I’m going to be doing a second Kickstarter for a small box 2nd edition in early 2020!