My Tabletop Games

As of January 2019, I’ve tapped the breaks on digital game development to pivot my focus towards creating unique, strange, weird tabletop games. I have several completed games that are prepping for release (and many others in the works)!


The Blessed Dark  (Mint Tin Edition)

Live on Kickstarter NOW!

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The Blessed Dark is a cult-themed card and dice game for 2-4 players, 15-30 mins playtime, ages 13+.

You play as cultists vying for the favor of The Ancient Ones — the dwellers beyond the veil. By gathering blood, completing rituals, casting spells, and summoning demons, you will sow the seeds of darkness in a bid to become The Chosen.

This Limited Mint Tin Edition is hand assembled/shipped and is EXCLUSIVE to Kickstarter – I won’t be making additional Mint Tin copies of this beyond the first edition Kickstarter (but expect to see a small box second edition at some point in the future).