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Nathan Meunier is an experienced freelance writer, indie author, and game developer. He’s currently available for gaming and tech related consulting, B2B and B2C content marketing, and related freelance writing gigs.

For most of the past 10 years, he’s covered video games, tech, and geek culture as a freelancer. His work has appeared in more than 40 publications, including Nintendo Power, PC Gamer, GameSpot, EGM, IGN, Official Xbox Magazine, GamePro, Mac|Life, Ars Technica, and many others. Prior to writing about video games, he spent over five years working as a reporter for a weekly newspaper. For a more detailed resume, head on over here to LinkedIn.

Nathan is the co-founder of indie studio Touchfight Games, and he also creates small solo projects in his spare time.

Looking to hire a seasoned writer?

Nathan is available for contract writing work on a project-by-project basis. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat about specific projects: thenathanmeunier (at) gmail (dot) com

Fun Factoid: Meunier is pronounced “Min-Yay”

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Steam Launch Diary #4: Recovery, Reflection, and Next Steps

Missile Cards is OUT NOW on steam. Only $4.99! – If you want to support my ongoing gamedev efforts this year, grabbing a copy during this critical launch month means a lot! Thanks!

mc copy

Taking some time away from Missile Cards hustle the past few days has given me a bit of breathing room to process things, tinker on some other upcoming projects, and consider next steps. Before I dig in, here’s an update of where things stand, since we’re almost two weeks out into launch month and things aren’t looking so hot for the PC version on Steam.

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