MINDBURNERS is live on Kickstarter!

mindburners promo1

My new weird niche card game, MINDBURNERS, is live on Kickstarter TODAY! Having just wrapped up fulfillment for my last KS project, The Blessed Dark, I’m keen to keep things rolling with my next few board game launches!

In just 2 hours, the project is already 63% funded! Which is crazy and awesome! Here’s more details about the game and KS!


Set in a grim world of technology, ancient magic, and dark corruption, MINDBURNERS is a cyber-occult dungeon runner game for 1-4 players.

As void runners, you and your opponents must arm yourselves with powerful abilities, push your luck to delve deeper into the void to gather vital energy resources, overcome treacheries and monstrous obstacles, and be the first to gain enough victory points to escape and seal the void forever.

It’s a mix of push your luck, resource and and hand management, and take that mechanics with some craziness thrown in for good measure. If you enjoyed my last game, I think you’ll dig this one too! It’s got a bit more going on, but is highly replayable, dynamic, and easy to grasp/play once you get into it.

This project will be manufactured and shipped directly via The Game Crafter, which is awesome. Their component quality ROCKS and they’ve been great to work with. Assuming the project funds, you can expect FAST fulfillment — in part, because I have more games I’m working on and want to keep this rolling with a new launch every few months for the next year or so.

ALSO: this game ships internationally (since I’m doing doing assembly/fulfillment by hand this time).

Thanks again for your support! You can check out MINDBURNERS on Kickstarter right here!


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