Final Week to Back MINDBURNERS!


Only 8 days left to go, if you want to get in on a copy of my new cyber-occult dungeon runner card game! MINDBURNERS is currently 368% funded on Kickstarter, and I’m prepping for the final push to hit the finish line.

If you like the kind of dark, weird games I’m making and want to support me, backing this kickstarter (and my future ones in the pipeline) is a great way to help me carve out time to keep making more projects for you!


MINDBURNERS is a push your luck dungeon-runner for 1-4 players, where you gather energy, equip powerful abilities, and attempt to push deeper into a grim cyber-occult realm of dark magic and technology to gather victory points to seal the void.

Each run is an unpredictable mix of managing the deadly encounters in the void “dungeon” while also dealing with other players who deploy powers to help themselves and hinder your efforts. Will you push your luck and risk dying in the void, or play cautiously to conserve your power and store precious energy for the next run?


The “void” dungeon deck itself is only made of up 10 cards:

  • A medley of dangerous creatures that deal damage to you when uncovered
  • Special random event cards that reveal a card from the roll event deck and must be resolved by all players
  • And then victory point cards that earn you victory points for uncovering them (assuming other players don’t try to kill you or steal them with abilities).

Anyone who successfully survives and resolves the full void deck on a given run gains extra victory points and can bank additional energy and ability cards for next time. However, it’s not an easy feat, as other players will seek to stop you at all costs.

Some ability cards can prevent damage, let you see what’s coming up in the void deck, and bolster your power in other ways. Others, however, are designed to mess with other players and counter their attempts at thwarting your run. The take that elements are fairly light, but they make matches intense and punchy. Dying in a run or getting pushed forcibly from the void comes with consequences, but the unpredictability of who will remain alive (or escape the void with vital resources before getting smoked by their adversaries) when the dust settles each run keeps things constantly shifting to the very end.


I’ve also developed a solo mode where you have to gain enough victory points across only 6 runs in order to seal the void. It’s a slightly different animal, but the push your luck elements and difficulty of the void deck still makes for an intense game!


MINDBURNERS has been ready to go for a while now, and I’m happy to finally be able to release it soon via this Kickstarter. My last Kickstarted card game, The Blessed Dark, hit $16k by the time it wrapped up. My goal for MINDBURNERS is to meet or exceed that funding goal in this final week, but I still have a ways to go.

I would love your support – both in helping to spread the word and in backing the project if you feel inclined!

Thanks a bunch!



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