356% Funded and 7 Days Left!


I couldn’t have asked for a smoother launch for my first tabletop Kickstarter campaign! The Blessed Dark, my cult themed mint tin edition dice and card game, is up to 356% funded (almost $9k), and we’re about to enter the home stretch. That’s about what I had hoped for in terms of bigger picture funding goals for this first small Kickstarter, so I’m super pleased!

Note: This Kickstarter will be the ONLY time I’m offering the super pocket-sized Mint Tin Edition (US-shipping only, sorry). If you live within the US and want a copy, this is your only chance to nab it in a cute little black tin!


Plans for the 2nd Edition

My goal with this small hand-made first edition was to test the waters, do something more on the intimate/diy scale of things, and get a feel for how this process works in the tabletop world.

It’s been a really interesting, and generally quite positive, experience so far! Much less stressful than my last few digital game launches.

I’ve had a lot of international backers bummed about not being able to get a physical edition of the game. For the time being, there’s a much cheaper Print and Play reward tier on this current Kickstarter, which felt like a reasonable solution considering the limited scope of the US-only physical release.

When I eventually launch a small Kickstarter for the second (and probably final) small box edition of the game later this year, it’ll be available Internationally — primarily because I won’t be buying all the components, manually assembling each copy, and shipping them all by hand.

There will be some differences between the versions (packaging, card size, dice size, and instructions/blood tokens design), but the core game will remain the same.

What’s Next?

Right now I’m working with a few volunteers to have the Print and Play files translated into a few other languages (French and German, so far), and will be offering translated versions of the PnP files for everyone who backed at a level that includes PnP.

With only seven days left in the campaign, I’m hoping to ramp up for a fairly large push at the very end in the last 48 hours. I’d love to see this thing hit $12-$15k by the finish line, but I’m thrilled with how it went for a first time effort.

Once the campaign is over, I’m going going to send out backer surveys ASAP and get components ordered right away so I can get to work on hand assembling each copy once everything is here. My aim is to have these shipped well before October, which is the rough latest target I gave myself for fulfillment.

Anyhow, stay tuned! I’ve got more games (and small Kickstarters) in the works this year!


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