3 Super Helpful Ways You can Support DUNKYPUNG This Week


Another game launch! Another roll the dice battle with excitement, depression, and high stakes financial challenges! My latest game, DUNKYPUNG, is out NOW on iOS and Steam. It’s an EFFING RIDICULOUSLY HARD brutal arena ball bouncing action dodge-em-up hell thing. You’ve been warned (but you should check it out anyway).

DUNKYPUNG is a game I’m super proud of, as it’s completely different from anything I’ve created so far. It’s a small side project that took me about 3 months or so to make and over a year to actually finish and launch. 2017/2018 was a rough run, but I finally managed to get the thing out.

Now that the game is launched, there are 3 REALLY HELPFUL things you can do to support me, if you feel so inclined. I always appreciate it. They’re all equally important and can make a big difference. Here we go:


1) Buy the game.

Ok, yeah. This one is obvious. DUNKYPUNG is $2.99 on iOS and $6.99 on Steam. Sales are super helpful, especially during launch week. While I’m not sure Steam sales will move the needle much visibility-wise, they’re SUPER helpful in the mobile game charts, since ranking in the top charts can boost sales.

Thanks for your support. Money I make from this launch is going to immediately go towards paying down some major bills that are crushing my soul (I’m in the process of trying to sell my house, which is a HUGE financial drain that’s killing me).

If the game does moderately well, I’m hoping to be able to stay afloat for a few more months while I rebuild my freelance client base. If it does REALLY well, I’m hoping I’ll be lucky enough to pay off my credit card and car payment to try to lower my monthly expenses (getting divorced is not cheap). And, well, if it does REALLY REALLY well…maybe I’ll be able to spend most of 2019 cranking out a few more interesting games.

Fingers crossed.

2) Dig the game? PLEASE leave a review!

No seriously. If you buy the game and enjoy it, PLEASE take a quick second to leave a review on the respective storefront you bought it from. Less than 2-3% of all players who buy a game bother to leave a review, and reviews (especially if they are positive) can have A HUGE impact on whether new people take a chance to pick up the game.

Most folks who leave reviews do so because they feel REALLY PISSED or REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC about a game. And to be honest, it’s often more of the former than the latter who feel motivated enough to bother.

Positive reviews (and constructive criticism too), is all really helpful during launch week. The more I can get the better. Thanks in advance for taking an extra moment to leave a review.


Discovery is a big pain in the ass for small quirky indie games. However, I often find out about the coolest indie games NOT from the traditional games press and media, but from other people I know who I see talking about them online.

Tweeting about the game, sharing the link on social media, recommending it to friends: all of that stuff is so very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Here’s to a not-horrible launch week! I’m writing this a few days before the game goes live for sale, so who the hell knows what will happen. Cheers!




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