The Blessed Dark – 93% Funded!

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Ah yes, it’s that time again. Time to dust off the old blog for another round of Here’s A Thing I’m Launching (TM)! What’s Nathan working on next, and why is he typing in the third person?! ALL IS NOW REVEALED, ACOLYTE!

The Blessed Dark is Now Live on Kickstarter

On Tuesday, I launched my first analog game on Kickstarter, and as of this writing it’s 91% FUNDED 93% Funded in just under three days. Wooh! I’m hoping to over-fund by the time the campaign wraps up soon, but this is an awesome and encouraging start! SO!

The Blessed Dark is a cult-themed demon summoning card and dice game for 2-4 players. It’s kind of like..errr… competitive demon-summoning Yahtzee with blood sacrifice, dark rituals, and lots of backstabbing.

You can check it out right on Kickstarter RIGHT HERE! (Thanks in advance for your support!)


Also, this first edition is being hand assembled and shipped, and it comes in a cute Altoids-sized black mint tin with vinyl stickers. I do plan to eventually release a second edition (in different packaging), but:

Once this Kickstarter campaign is done, I will NOT be making and selling copies of the cool mint tin edition. So if you like the idea of carrying this around in your pocket, NOW IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE to make that a thing. MWUHAHAHAHA!

Also also: Physical Copies are US-ONLY shipping-wise. (Sorry, more info on why that is can be found at the KS page).

Wait, What? I’m Making Tabletop Games Now?!

So yeah. TLDR version: after launching DUNKYPUNG earlier this year (spoiler alert; it flopped sales-wise, but people dug it?) I’ve decided to tap the breaks on digital game development and pivot over to testing the analog waters with several small, quirky, and weird tabletop games.

Need a break from the churn of the digital games realm (although I am doing freelance narrative design, consulting, and systems tuning for a handful of OTHER people’s games, which has been a lot of fun).

Tabletop-wise, I have 4-5 games in various stages of completion. The Blessed Dark is not my first, but it’s the first I’m launching. Turns out: I REALLY LOVE making and playing tabletop games. Expect another Kickstarter (or two) in the late summer/fall.

Anyhoo. Keeping this short-ish, as I have a campaign to run and freelance work to wrap up.

How You Can Help Make This Campaign A Success:

  1. Back the Campaign! Wooh!
  2. Share the Kickstarter Campaign on Twitter/Facebook/etc!
  3. Sign my Nathan Makes Games mailing list to get notified when my next campaign launches!
  4. Give yourself a hug, because you are awesome!

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