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I make weird, dark, quirky games — from grisly narrative-driven horror projects to unique card games. I’m currently working on a range of solo projects as well as some bigger games with my comrades at Touchfight Games. Here’s what I’ve been involved with so far:


Missile Cards (iOS/PC) – Solo project. Released: OUT NOW!

“Missile Command meets Solitaire…only with more doomlasers, death, and explosions.”

Arm your defenses and blast away flaming death orbs, nuclear warheads, and other hazards hurtling down from space before they annihilate your base. Loosely inspired by the Atari classic Missile Command, Missile Cards re-imagines the intense bombardment defense gameplay as a turn-based strategy card game. Unlock new bases, upgrade your arsenal, complete missions, and challenge your card skills against increasingly brutal decks in this highly replayable solo-card game.

Out NOW on iOS and Steam


In Development:


Nuclear Golf (PS4, PS Vita, PC) w/Touchfight Games. Release: TBA 2017/2018

Nuclear Golf is an outrageous and fast-paced 2D golfing game with explosions, destructible terrain, and boss battles set in and around a radiation soaked post-apocalyptic country club. Prepare to have your face melted off! No kitty cats or cute furry creatures were harmed in the making of this game.

Doom Parade (PC) – Solo project. Release: TBD 

The gates of Hell have burst open, and unholy abominations are swarming forth to consume the land. As the last guardian, you must defend the sacred book and cut down the demonic parade of hellbeasts descending on your fortress shrine. More info here.

Plus other secret things.


This Book Is A Dungeon (PC) – Out NOW on Steam!

512x512headerversion1Auto-cannibalism. Demonic Seduction. Occult Rituals. Bloodfeasting Worms. This Book Is A Dungeon has it all and much, much more. This dark, horrific Twine-based dungeon crawler pairs edgy interactive fiction with grisly pixel art and light RPG elements. Navigate this sprawling narrative-driven labyrinth bristling with otherworldly doom. – Solo project

Go To Bed: Survive The Night (iOS/PC)

iosandopcGo To Bed: Survive The Night is an eerie “bedroom defense” game, where you are tasked with helping a young boy stay alive from dusk ’til dawn as waves of malevolent shadow beings come slithering out from the darkness. Light and darkness play heavily into the game mechanics and power-ups. Battling unholy beasties before they can get their fangs on the young lad. – Made with Touchfight Games


Recent Posts

On the Hunt for New Freelance Gigs (Games/Tech)

newnmeunierpicWant to harness the freelance word-nerd power of a 15-year writing pro who specializes in creating compelling articles, content marketing, editing services, and narrative design for a broad range of games and tech clients? I might be the (vaguely human-shaped) droid you’re looking for. Please read on!

Normally, I use this blog space for updates on my assorted gamedev projects and creative work, but it’s been a challenging year of shifting workloads and mounting bills. To avoid hitting critical mass during a rather turbulent period of personal change, I’m ramping up my efforts to lock down some fresh steady freelance work. I don’t always take on new clients, and I’m selective about the work I take on, but I’m officially putting the “open for business” sign out.


You can find my full resume here.

The TL:DR version. I’m a former games journalist with 15 years of professional writing experience for major publications like IGN, GameSpot, Nintendo Power, GamePro, etc.

That comes in very handy with my current freelance focus: providing B2B content marketing, branded articles, and consulting services for games and tech clients. I’ve shifted away from writing for traditional trade publications to focus more on working with companies directly to showcase how their clients put their products and brand to creative use, among other things.

I’m also an indie developer, with several years experience in game design, writing, and crafting narrative-driven projects.


I’ve been at this for a long time, and I’ve written an exhaustive range of content for a wide variety of clients. I also have a wealth of games industry experience and insight I can put to use for your project or brand. Here’s an incomplete list of some of the freelance writing services I provide.

Content Marketing

  • Thought leadership articles
  • Blog posts / branded blog content
  • Customer case studies and success stories
  • Whitepapers
  • Branded ebooks
  • Interviews
  • Copywriting and copyediting
  • Email and web campaigns
  • PR and marketing copy
  • Website copy
  • And more

Games Consulting

  • Pre-launch analysis + private critique
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Market research and marketing assistance
  • And more

Game Narrative

  • Narrative design and world building
  • Copyediting (grammar, structure, cohesion, readability)
  • Character design and conceptualization
  • Mission, event, and flavor text writing
  • Research


I’m also open to other unique opportunities, as well.


Have a project or ongoing freelance gig you’d be interesting in hiring me for? Email me at: thenathanmeunier at gmail dot com to discuss specifics, rates, and opportunities for working together. Thanks a bunch!




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