It’s the Final Countdown! (23 hours left)

It’s been a crazy run, but this is it! The last 23 hours of The Blessed Dark Kickstarter campaign. We’ve hit 552% funding, which is awesome! This is your last chance to back and get a copy of the super limited mint tin edition (US shipping only)!

What’s The Blessed Dark?

Oh right. Some of you may just be tuning in. This is the Kickstarter for my cult-themed card + dice game. This is my first tabletop Kickstarter, and the first of many analog games I’ll be rolling out this year and beyond.


In The Blessed Dark, you play as cultists vying for the favor of The Ancient Ones — the dwellers beyond the veil. By gathering blood, completing rituals, casting spells, and summoning demons, you will sow the seeds of darkness in a bid to become The Chosen.

In a nutshell, it’s basically like a super creepy vibed micro Yahtzee for 2-4 players, with push your luck dice rituals, take that-style card curses, and demonic summoning to gain victory points, among other things.

This limited 1st edition fits in a cute pocket-sized mint tin.

Check it out! Thanks a bunch!


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