3 Super Helpful Ways You can Support DUNKYPUNG This Week


Another game launch! Another roll the dice battle with excitement, depression, and high stakes financial challenges! My latest game, DUNKYPUNG, is out NOW on iOS and Steam. It’s an EFFING RIDICULOUSLY HARD brutal arena ball bouncing action dodge-em-up hell thing. You’ve been warned (but you should check it out anyway).

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DUNKYUNG is Out Today on iOS and PC!

logo for siteHere we go again! Excited to finally announce that my latest game, DUNKYPUNG, is OUT TODAY on iOS and PC (Steam)! Don’t be fooled by the cutesy vibe. This game is STUPID STUPID STUPID HARD. The gauntlet has been thrown! If you dig my previous games, I hope you’ll consider checking it out and helping to spread the word.

More deets below:


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On the Hunt for New Freelance Gigs (Games/Tech) UPDATED 2018 Edition!

newnmeunierpicNeed a seasoned writing pro with 15 years of experience in the games, tech, and media industry? Someone who specializes in creating compelling articles, content marketing, and editing services for a broad range of games and tech clients? Great! I might be the (vaguely human-shaped) droid you’re looking for. Please read on!

[Updated 11/20/2018!]

Normally, I use this blog space for updates on my assorted gamedev projects and creative work, but it’s been [another] challenging year of shifting workloads and mounting bills. To avoid hitting critical mass during a rather turbulent period of personal change, I’m ramping up my efforts to lock down some fresh steady freelance work. I don’t always take on new clients, and I’m selective about the work I take on, but I’m officially putting the “open for business” sign out.


You can find my full resume here.

The TL:DR version. I’m a former games and tech journalist with 15 years of professional writing experience for major publications like IGN, GameSpot, Nintendo Power, GamePro, etc.

That comes in very handy with my current freelance focus: providing B2B content marketing, branded articles, and consulting services for games, tech, and media clients. I’ve shifted away from writing for traditional trade publications to focus more on working with companies directly to showcase how their clients put their products and brand to creative use, among other things.

Recent clients include: Google, Unreal Engine, ASUS, The Foundry, Vungle, NewsCred, and more.


I’ve been at this for a long time, and I’ve written an exhaustive range of content for a wide variety of clients. I also have a wealth of games industry experience and insight I can put to use for your project or brand. Here’s an incomplete list of some of the freelance writing services I provide.

Content Marketing

  • Thought leadership articles
  • Blog posts / branded blog content
  • Customer case studies and success stories
  • Whitepapers
  • Branded ebooks
  • Interviews
  • Copywriting and copyediting
  • Email and web campaigns
  • PR and marketing copy
  • Website copy
  • And more

Games Consulting

  • Pre-launch analysis + private critique
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Market research and marketing assistance
  • And more

I’m also open to other unique opportunities, as well.


Have a project or ongoing freelance gig you’d be interesting in hiring me for? Email me at: thenathanmeunier at gmail dot com to discuss specifics, rates, and opportunities for working together. Thanks a bunch!