Missile Cards Public Demo is Live

screen8After a lot of hustle and hard work this month, I’m excited to finally be able to share a playable public demo for my upcoming “Missile Command meets strategy card game” project, called Missile Cards.

The game is headed to Steam in the coming months, but before I can get it launched on the platform, it has to pass the voting gauntlet that is Steam Greenlight. That’s been slow going,  despite an enthusiastic response from quite a few folks.

To help push things along, I wanted to give players an opportunity to try Missile Cards out for themselves, and go hands-on with the first base/area of the game.

Each unlockable “base” area gives you a unique card deck to work through, and each solo match tasks you with clearing all of the hazard cards in the deck by using deployable defense cards and energy resources. Meanwhile, you must defend you bases from destruction.

It’s super challenging, and packs a lot of replay as you aim to complete specific challenges in each base to unlock the next, while amassing resources to unlock special powerful cards to add to your deck.

Here’s one of the harder later base levels in action:


The game is coming along rapidly, but Steam Greenlight remains a hurdle I have to overcome in order to see this through to launch in the coming months. Hence the public demo.

You can download the demo here on itch.io right now!

If you enjoy it, please take a moment to vote on Steam right here!

I’d also appreciate any feedback you might have to help improve the game, and I’ll be sending out a meatier build with more of the game for testing to my private Beta tester group. Join my mailing list and ping me if you’d like to help Beta test!


If you’re a YouTuber or Livestreamer, I love Let’s Plays and other coverage. Please feel free to Stream, record demo footage, or broadcast gameplay. And if you cover the game or write it up, please hit me with a link and I’ll spread it on social media.



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