GameMaker Blog Interview


Oh hey, the newly-relaunched and very awesome GameMaker Blog just ran an interview with me talking about a wide range of game dev related stuff, including:

  • How I got into making games
  • The inspiration behind my next upcoming game, Missile Cards
  • My picks for helpful game dev software that I use
  • A bunch of tips for getting started making games with GameMaker: Studio
  • And more!

You should give it a read and check out the other GameMaker projects and articles featured on the site. Great stuff!

And while you’re at it, I could still use some Steam Greenlight love for Missile Cards. You’d make me a very happy homunculus if you’d go grab the free demo at and don’t forget to Vote YES on Steam Greenlight if you enjoy it!

Thanks a bunch! Lots of updates and secret things in the works. Stay tuned!


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