Serious Email List Building -Learn the Ropes from a Master!

A little goofy? Yes. A little irreverent? Also yes. But Buck Flogging — the alter ego of Matt Stone — is no joke when it comes to getting big results in the world of self-publishing.

He’s a #1 Amazon bestseller, a long-time self-publisher, co-founder of Archangel Ink, and one of the masterminds behind

Buck knows email list building. And he’s launching an intensive 7-day course that will show you how to build, amplify, and channel your mailing list into a powerful tool to connect with your audience and sell more books (or anything you create).

The course kicks off on January 4th, and registration is live today! You have a limited-time window to sign up, since registration closes on Jan 3rd. Need to turbocharge your email list for maximum sale impact? Check it out:

Watch this video for more information on the course!



2 thoughts on “Serious Email List Building -Learn the Ropes from a Master!

  1. I’m trying to sign up for your email list and don’t find a signup box here on your site. I can’t click the link in Write Short Kindle Books (which I very much enjoyed) because I’m reading on an antiquated Kindle. Could you either add me or let me know where to add myself? Thanks!

    • Hi Sue! Thanks for letting me know!

      Here’s a link to sign up for my newer list, where you get a free book for signing up. (It’s hosted on a writer pal’s leadpages landing page.

      Or you can hit this link to be added to the original core list (no freebie up-front, but will receive an opportunity to grab future books for free books at launch/huge discounts.

      Cheers! 🙂

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