Udemy 24 Hour Flash Sale – $15 Courses!

Curl Up With a New Course - $15 Sitewide 300x250Hope everyone had a nice holidays! I’m laying low this week to recharge and battle plan some new projects for early 2016! The holiday down-time is always great for squeezing in some quick and useful learning to boost my writing and creative world.

If you’re feeling in a similar mood, Udemy is having a 24 hour flash sale today! They’ve got tons of great courses for writers, authors, game developers, artists, creatives, and business folks of all types!

You can grab courses site-wide for only $15!

And if you’d like a super sweet coupon for my own course, which walks you through the step-by-step process of creating and selling a short online course, here’s a discount link!

Short Online Courses: How To Sell Your Skills With Video Only $10! $99




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