FREE Audio Book – Write Short Kindle Books (Limited Offer)

wskn squareOh hey, so….I’ve gone and turned my bestselling self-publishing Kindle manifesto into a two hour audio book! Partnering with another Nathan (sadly, we’re not mutant dopplegangers), we’ve put together an AWESOME audio delivery of my most popular book to date. The best part? I’m giving early adopters a FREE copy BEFORE the book is even up for sale. That’s not even the best part. To get the audio book, you also have to grab a massive bundle of 50 + other killer free resources for writers and authors. Deets below.

It’s been a busy few months, and free time is something I haven’t had a lot of lately. So rather than muddle through the process myself, I hired the talented Nathan Agin to narrate the audio book edition of WSKB, which I think turned out great! Here’s a quick sample to give you a taste.

But wait, tell me again how can I get the free audio book edition? Didn’t you say it was free?

YES! You were paying attention!

The twist: if you want it, you’ll ALSO have to let me GIVE YOU 50+ other AMAZING resources for authors, writers, and freelancers!

The skinny: my new audio book edition of WSKB is currently ONLY available as part of a free limited time bundle that includes a ton of great ebooks, courses, and audiobooks from many well-respected authors in the self-publishing space.

Folks like Joanna Penn, Bryan Cohen, Chandler Bolt, Monica Leonelle, Honoree Corder, Ani Alexander, John Tight, Derek Murphy, Steve Scott, and many more! It’s an honor to be among such awesome company!

This FREE WRITER BUNDLE is valued at about $1,000 and contains 30+ ebooks, 9+ e-courses, and 5+ audio books as well as several other cool resources.

You can grab it for FREE within the next 9 days. Just hit the link to check it out and find a full list of all the sweet goodies.


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