Up Up Down Down Left WRITE Book Kickstarter is Launched!

Good morning! Sorry for the repeat intel for anyone who already caught this on Twitter, but I wanted to send an official blog post to let everyone know that the Kickstarter campaign for my book Up Up Down Down Left WRITE – The Freelance Guide to Video Game Journalism is now live! Please considering backing the project and helping to spread the word! At the very least, hop on over there and watch the totally weird-ass video I cobbled together like a freaky automaton. It’s pretty funny. I had a blast making it, and it still makes me chuckle. It also features a bunch of my cats. Which is awesome.

Feel free to scope out my previous post, for more specific details about the book, though you can grab all the info you need to know on the Kickstarter page. I really appreciate any help you can give to make this project successful, and stay tuned, because I’ll be rolling out some exciting stretch goals as things get rolling.



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