Review: Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

“Epic struggles involving dragons, wizards, demons, and warriors never really get old, do they? The first entry in the Lunar series–a game that blended all of the aforementioned elements deliciously–has seen a lot of love during the past few decades. After making its grand debut on Sega CD in the early ’90s, it quickly grew to become one of the top-selling games for the system. It’s already been remade a handful of times for different consoles since then, but many years have passed since we last had a chance to take up a mighty blade and chase down the magic emperor while striving to become a world-renowned dragonmaster. Game Arts and XSeed saw fit to change that by lavishing the original adventure with cartloads of TLC. Indeed, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony on the PSP is the remake to top all Lunar remakes.”

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Review: Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

“The timeless tale of a windswept Kansas girl and her pooch being transported away from tornado alley and dumped into a strange, magical world has been interpreted and re-tooled in some unexpected ways. Developer Media Vision’s latest new twist on the story, which sees the protagonist and her motley crew of cohorts donning weapons and armor and charging into battle, is easily one of my favorite takes on the lass’ adventures in the land of Oz. Dorothy and pals are packing heat, and her little dog too.”

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Review: Little King’s Story

“At the heart of Little King’s Story lies a deeply enticing kingdom simulation element that lets you add layer upon layer of cool expansions to your budding empire. Between enhancing your conquering capabilities, beefing up your command prowess, diversifying career roles for your peasants, and generally improving the quality of life for those under your command, there are a lot of different angles to tackle as you grow. Fortunately, the management aspect of the game is easily handled through a few simple menus accessed in and around your throne room. As satisfying as it is to carefully decide on the construction of new buildings and other improvements, nothing will ever get done if you simply sit around on your kingly backside all day. Alpoko starts out as a tiny village with few inhabitants and meager resources. That gradually changes as you venture out beyond your borders to explore, kick butt, and amass sizeable quantities of booty.”

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