Sniper Elite V2 Review (@IGN)

“Perched atop the bombed out husk of a building, I scan the razor wire fence line and nearby rubble far below for movement through the scope of my M1903 Springfield. Taking aim at a pair of Nazis chatting amidst the din of distant gunfire, I hold my breath, line-up my shot, and pull the trigger. The bullet spins through the air, hanging just for a second in the light, before it erupts through my target’s eyeball in slow-motion and sprays blood, brains, and shattered cranium out the backside of his head — all in gruesome X-Ray vision that provides a sickly intimate view of the grisly noggin slurry as it makes its grand exit.”

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Review: Heroes Over Europe

“Practically nipping at the heels of Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, Transmission Games’ Heroes Over Europe completely does away with any attempts to provide a realistic flight combat simulation experience like its competition and instead hones-in on the guns-blazing, full throttle arcade action that’s already fairly commonplace in the genre. Some players may prefer to embrace simplicity and enjoy focusing on being in the moment while sending entire squadrons of bombers and fighters planes plummeting in a fiery demise. Heroes Over Europe certainly has all of that and more, but it’s rough around the edges in more than a few areas.”

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Review: Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

“Hardcore fighter jockeys might actually be tempted to venture from their PCs for a change to check out how IL-2 Sturmovik fares on consoles. In terms of handling and authenticity, they won’t be disappointed. Birds of Prey’s scalable flight realism can be toned down for newcomers seeking the arcade-like flying experience found in other flying games or kicked up to insane levels for serious couch pilots seeking a steep challenge. The gameplay itself is also quite strong, though the overall package feels a little skimpy once you’ve plowed through it.”

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