MUST BUY: Kleen Kanteen Insulated Coffee Mug

klean2As a freelance word-slinger, I am what you might call a VORACIOUS consumer of coffee. I make it in a French press, take it black, and drink it throughout the workday. There’s (almost) nothing I hate more than cold coffee, except an empty coffee mug, which is why I reluctantly agreed to let my wife buy us a $30 ish dollar insulated coffee canteen thingy. Initially, that seemed like a lot to pay for a metal travel mug, but when I experienced the magical heat-containing powers of the Klean Kanteen Insulated Coffee Mug in action, I realized this was no ordinary travel mug. This, my friends, is a mug powered by sheer demon magic.

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WTF Reviews: Kettle Maple Bacon Chips

maplebaconchipsFile this under “OMFG WHAT?!!!” I was walking through the local “health food” store today, and I spot this on the shelves. My immediate gut reaction: I NEED THIS IN MY BODY RIGHT NOW! My wife spots them about the same time as I do, and just as she starts to gauge my reaction, something to the effect of “uh oh” escapes her lips. YES. Uh oh, INDEED. I am a lover of both bacon and maple syrup. But in CHIP FORM? What?! My mind is blown. This is a new thing altogether. Read on for my review.

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