Flash Game Freebie: Action Turnip

“We’re not sure exactly what it is a turnip would be running madly away from – except possibly a hungry, knife-wielding chef in search of a perfect summer salad topping – but the little veggie protagonist in Action Turnip has a lot of spunk. Part Canabalt, part action shooter, and part random bizarreness, this twitchy and crazy web browser game is utterly charming and a hell of a lot of fun.”

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Free Bytes: Prose and Motion

“Poetry and physics are not two things you’d commonly associate with one another, but being able to building a bridge with random letters you’ve formed into words is actually pretty awesome. While there are plenty of games out there that let you meddle with letters and wordplay or fiddle around with the laws of gravity separate and apart from one another, Prose and Motion is a rare breed: a word-based physics puzzler that will test your brain power skills as well as your hand-eye coordination.”

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Review: Extreme Sledding

“Downhill sledding can be an exhilarating experience, if you like high speeds, snowy thrills, and chilly weather. But for those of us who prefer to avoid the cold and stay out of harm’s way, digital snowbound mayhem will suffice as a warmer, safer substitute. Muse Games’ Extreme Sledding certainly offers some virtual tree-lined slopes to haphazardly zip down on a rusty toboggan. Whether or not the game’s small handful of levels will deliver anything more than a few fleeting moments of fun really depends on how bored you are.”

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