Review: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures Ep. 4 – The Bogey Man

“Unfortunate and awkward mishaps seem perpetually in the cards for Wallace and Gromit. Yet the daffy British inventor and his intellectually-minded canine companion manage to overcome even the most outlandish obstacles thrown in their path. After run-ins with giant mutant bees, robotic mice, grumpy vacationers, ankle-biting pooches, and a dog-napping swindler, squirming out of an accidental marriage proposal and faking some mad golfing skills should be a cinch, right? Nothing is ever as easy at it seems.”

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Review: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures Episode 3 – Muzzled!

“Episode 3: Muzzled! brings some much-needed new locations and interesting characters into the mix. With Wallace perfecting his latest entrepreneurial scheme – a robotic ice cream truck that scans various items to produce bizarre flavors of the chilly treats – his basement is beset by a pack of pooch refugees from the local animal shelter that we learn was destroyed in the storm from the previous episode. The unusual mishap draws the attention of a shady carnival owner who rolls into town to throw a benefit to rebuild the ruined shelter. This seemingly provides a marvelous opportunity for Wallace to test out his new ice cream making gizmo and support a noble cause, but trouble quickly begins brewing in the fairgrounds.”

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Review: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures Ep. 2: The Last Resort

Fright of the Bumblebees, the first entry in Telltale Games’ new Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures series, kicked things off with a solid start packed with jovial humor. The episodic debut of the cheese-obsessed Brit and his silent-but-brainy pooch companion pleasantly captured just the right spirit and vibe of the claymation series its based on, and in adventure game form, the duo’s antics and comedic mishaps mesh well with the nature of the genre. Episode two, The Last Resort, does a commendable job of keeping the adventure feeling fresh but leaves some of the excitement found in the first episode at the door.”

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