Shop Talk: Deadly Deadlines of Doom (Moonlighting Part 2)

For new folks just tuning in, this is the second part of a longer advice piece on moonlighting as a freelance game journalist. You can scope out the first installment here.

When you’re working a full-time job and squeezing in freelance assignments on the side, deadlines can be a real bitch. They’re a necessary headache for any freelancer, since they help you stay on track and get things accomplished in a timely manner. But boy do we curse them to the four winds whenever they rear their ugly, plague-ridden heads. Moonlighters have it twice as rough when it comes to deadlines too. You can’t miss them, and it’s not always feasible to drop what you’re doing during the regular work day to wrap-up assignments – yet the editorial deities must be appeased.

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