Review: MySims Agents

“EA’s hyper-cutesy MySims franchise continues to expand and branch out in new directions, offering a bubbly alternative to the more mature-minded life micromanagement simulation in The Sims. Recent excursions into party mini-games and racing territory have yielded mixed results, and up to this point the series seems to be at its strongest when sticking closely to the core building and socializing-focused experience found in the original. MySims Agents is the exception. It deviates pretty substantially from the gameplay of the first two titles, but that actually works in its favor.”

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Review: The Sims 3

“When real life slips into a dull spell or the stresses of daily existence inevitably boil over, it can be a comforting escape to seek refuge in the malleable nature of virtual realms. Being able to control your character’s appearance from head to toe, design your surroundings to suit your interests, and interact with others in ways you might not be accustomed to can all make for a highly entertaining and engrossing experience. The irony of the Sims is that it’s all too easy to temporarily abandon one’s own personal hygiene, chores, and other nagging responsibilities in the real world in order to micromanage the around-the-clock needs of your digital household. Strangely, that’s all part of the fun.”

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