Feature: Four Freebies

Four fresh freebie freeware games for your delicious amusement: Icycle, Devil’s Tuning Fork, Pixel Ranger, and Sausage Factory. Dig in!

“If only making delicious breakfast sausages was as easy as feeding cute barnyard animals into an automated hydraulic press. Pixeljam Games’ demented take on the meat processing industry in Sausage Factory is super funny and a little disturbing. This heaping mouthful of a rhythm puzzle game has you controlling color-coded crushing machines as an underpaid employee in a meat factory. As the conveyor spits out pixilated cows, pigs, chickens, and even a few less savory offerings, you get to violently smash them into a gooey pulp to prepare them for mass consumption. Yum.”

Check out the full feature here at MSN’s Game On.


Cheap Thrills: The Devil’s Tuning Fork

“It’s odd how a creepy first-person adventure game about children in comas can teach us a hell of a lot about dolphins. Created by a team of students from DePaul University for the 2010 Independent Games Festival, The Devil’s Tuning Fork is just the right mixture of smart and trippy. Though it has absolutely nothing to do with friendly, chirping marine mammals, the game’s entire concept hinges on their purported ability to “see” sound waves. In essence, it’s kind of like playing Doom in a pitch black room – except you’re armed with a tab of acid and a tuning fork instead of a rocket launcher.”

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