Review: Again

“Grab a dollar bill and flip it over. See that creepy eyeball with beams of light shooting out from atop an unfinished pyramid? That’s the Eye of Providence–a religious icon representing the ever-watchful eye of God. While it’s an eerie symbol on its own, it takes on a far more sinister role in Again, where it’s used as the calling card for a serial murderer hell-bent on re-creating a string of grisly slayings from the past. Billed as an interactive crime novel, Again has all of the makings of a decent detective tale sprinkled with a touch of the supernatural. Unfortunately, it struggles with sluggish pacing and occasionally ham-fisted delivery. Even for enthusiasts of interactive stories, tapping through hours of text broken up by a handful of obtuse crime scene investigations that require frequent backtracking will test your patience more than your mind.”

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Review: Undead Knights

“Being the hero is usually a cut and dry thing. There’s a distinct line drawn between good and evil, and your feet more often than not tend to be squarely planted on the prim and proper side of that invisible barrier. Undead Knights spits on that line, douses it in blood, and drags dismembered corpses back and forth across it. There’s a general sense felt throughout the game that the vile and heinous deeds you’re perpetrating are a justifiable form of karmic retribution, even if your soul will inevitably burn in hellish torment when all is said and done.”

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