Review: Mindjack

Mindjack could have been an awesome game. It’s not. Being able to hack into the minds of friends and foes is admittedly pretty cool, and the competetive/co-operative twists this presents in the online campaign make for some intense and enjoyable combat situations. But man, the rest of the game is just so painfully ho-hum. That, or it’s flat out messed up in spots. I had fun with it for awhile. Sadly, that didn’t last very long.

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Review: Star Ocean: The Last Hope International

“It seems rather fitting that the end of the long-running Star Ocean series would come around full circle to revisit where the series first began–with the degradation of our beloved homeworld and with humanity teetering on the brink of annihilation. As far as prequels go, Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets a lot of things right in terms of gameplay, even if it falters in other areas. PlayStation 3 owners had to wait an extra year to get a crack at saving the galaxy one last time, and while the few extras and tweaks found in the exclusive international edition may seem a meager reward for your patience, they do make it the more enticing version to own.”

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Review: Gyromancer

“The Bejeweled-meets-D&D smash Puzzle Quest proved serious RPGs and sparkly gem matching puzzle gameplay could tie the knot and keep from strangling one another. Gyromancer treads similar territory but adds in a few new twists… literally.”

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