IGN’s 2009 Best Free-To-Play: Time Fcuk

“This quirky platform puzzler messes around with time and space as much as it fiddles with your mind. When your future self “suggests” you get in the box, you best damn well get in the box. Doing so thrusts you into a strange world of warping dimensional spaces, freaky messages from the past and future, and abnormal sentient growths.”

I contributed to a portion of the Free-To-Play section for IGN’s Best of 2009 awards. Check it out here at IGN.


Cheap Thrills: Spelunky

“Though death was always lurking nearby, Indiana Jones still managed to somehow make his job look a little too easy. Don’t expect to have quite as smooth a ride in Spelunky. In this charming and brutally tough homage to the treasure-seeking adventurer, death is a few steps behind, a few steps ahead, and pretty much anywhere else you feel like stepping. As a diminutive, whip-wielding hero, you set out on a grand quest to score glittering gold and gems, save 8-bit ladies in distress, and recover ancient idols.”

Check out the full column here at IGN.com.