Hands-On Preview: Crime Scene

“Blood and bodies are hell of a way to start the morning. It was an apparent murder-suicide. Their cold, lifeless corpses were slumped in pools of blood at opposite ends of the otherwise cozy apartment. He was a good cop. Maybe it was the stress that made him snap. Maybe it was something else that made him put a bullet in his wife and then turn the gun around on himself. Either way, something just didn’t jive. It was time to roll up our sleeves, grab the stylus, and dig into to the evidence in Crime Scene.”

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Hands-On Preview: Dementium 2

“You have to hand it to the guys at Renegade Kid – they’ve managed to elevate disturbing to an art form. Exhibit A: the box art for the developer’s upcoming horror-drenched follow up to its first-person survival horror experiment Dementium: The Ward. It features a close-up shot of some poor bastard screaming in terror, though his cries are clearly muffled by the human hand that’s ripping its way out of his own mouth and clawing at his eyes. Amazing. Judging from our recent hands-on time with Dementium II, good things are on the way. Particularly if you like you handheld gaming sessions served up with a slab of raw, bloody meat.”

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Review: Roogoo Twisted Towers

“Taking a very straightforward premise that should invoke a sense of childhood nostalgia for anyone who recalls playing with multi-shaped blocks in their formative years, the first Roogoo game released last year made stacking and shoving falling meteors of different shapes and colors into the proper holes a curiously gratifying task. The youthful spirit of this candy-coated puzzler seems even better tailored to its new home on the Wii, but some of the additions found in Roogoo Twisted Towers serve as more of a distraction than an improvement to the original formula.”

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