Review: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

“The elf-like Jak and his furry ottsel companion Daxter have certainly been around the block more than a few times. The first three games set in the eco-infused, technology-laden world left behind by the Precursors set a high benchmark for the series. While more recent excursions into the realm of battle-focused kart racing (in Jak X: Combat Racing) and Daxter’s own solo adventure on PSP provided varying levels of amusement, it’s great to the see the duo back in action together again in The Lost Frontier.”

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Review: LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

“With all the LocoRoco sleeping peacefully under a starry night sky, no one is awake enough to notice the sneaky BuiBui crawling around in the bush nearby. With the pull of a single lever, the mischievous fellow dumps the whole lot into the spooky BuiBui underworld where the naughty critters have constructed an elaborate series of obstacle courses designed to test your hopping, rolling, and eating abilities. Picking from one of many colorful LocoRoco, you’ll help them oblige their captors by attempting to plow through 16 wild, nighttime levels of world-turning, platforming action as fast as possible.”

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Review: Thexder Neo

“Giant robots are cool. But giant robots from 1985 that shoot homing lasers from their eyes and transform into jet fighters are infinitely cooler. Thexder Neo slaps a fresh coat of paint on an antiquated PC shooter from days long past and proves a few moments of fun can still be squeezed from this stone.”

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