Review: Desktop Defender

“They say a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind, but what if your work surface is swarming with malevolent creepy crawlies? When the prospect of cleaning your desk is far less exciting than defending it from a virtual battleground full of persistent invaders, it’s time to ignore your clutter piling up around you and boot up your computer. Desktop Defender, the Facebook version of the popular Desktop Tower Defense game, puts you in charge of mounting an organized defense of your blessed mess.”

Check out the full review here at Gamezebo.


Cheap Thrills: Ginormo Sword

“Think you’ve got a big sword? If it’s not the size of a small building or a Boeing 747, then you’re going to have to try harder to impress the burly, pixilated monsters in Ginormo Sword. This retro blade-swinging RPG doesn’t kick off with a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess, save the realm from evil, or get revenge for a fallen comrade. No, this adventure is all about forging the biggest, most ultimately badass sword humanly possible and using it to cleave your way through the beast-strewn countryside. “

Some may be wondering what happened to my Free Bytes indie freeware gaming column (or not). Rest assured, it has not died. It has been assimilated.  Regular frequenters of may be familiar with the site’s weekly Cheap Thrills gaming deals column. For at least the next few months, I will be contributing to that column with a short freeware write up each week. I’ll be covering a selection of indie,  social networking, and flash games that are very much in the same vein of what I’d covered in the Free Bytes column for Green Pixels. Things may change around again in the foreseeable future, but for now be sure to hop on over there to check out some sweet deals and my freebie game of the week. The first installment features Ginormo Sword. Check it out here. Thanks!