Review: Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

“Hardcore fighter jockeys might actually be tempted to venture from their PCs for a change to check out how IL-2 Sturmovik fares on consoles. In terms of handling and authenticity, they won’t be disappointed. Birds of Prey’s scalable flight realism can be toned down for newcomers seeking the arcade-like flying experience found in other flying games or kicked up to insane levels for serious couch pilots seeking a steep challenge. The gameplay itself is also quite strong, though the overall package feels a little skimpy once you’ve plowed through it.”

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Review: Dawn of Discovery

“Colonizing new lands and building a vast civilization from nothingness requires careful planning and management of resources to ensure a delicate balance is maintained to help your society grow and succeed. While well-known games like SimCity and City Life have all but perfected the formula, the extreme level of detail and complexity that comes with running a fledgling civilization as it expands and changes can be a bit overwhelming for some players. Dawn of Discovery, a Wii adaptation of the Anno series on PC, takes a more gentle approach to creating and maintaining a prosperous virtual realm without sacrificing depth.”

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