The Hard Truth: Why You Have To Hustle For Kindle Reviews


If you’ve ever launched a book, you probably know what it feels like to sit there, constantly refreshing the page day after day, hoping each time that you’ll see another sale or a new positive review. It’s a bad habit a lot of author have, myself included, and it’s hard to avoid. Waiting for your book to get those helpful first reviews can be an agonizingly slow process, and the hard truth of the matter is the vast majority of people who buy a book or product won’t bother to leave a review.

In reality, only about one to two percent of people who buy your book, on average, will take the time to leave you a review on Amazon…IF they’re left to their own devices. It’s not that they don’t enjoy your book, or that they don’t want to help you out. But it takes a little effort to leave a review, and once someone has bought and read your book, they’ve already got the goods, so to speak. There’s no added benefit, really, of leaving a review. And so they don’t.

It’s nothing personal. People are just busy, they’re distracted, or it’s not a high priority.

A one to two percent customer review frequency is pretty abysmal, but you can boost that significantly by taking a more proactive approach to getting honest reviews — both at launch and over time. Seriously. A few simple changes to your approach and a little extra hustle can have a big impact in both the quality of reviews you get and the volume.

To help you out, I’ve put together a comprehensive online course that walks you through a simple, effective step-by-step approach to get you tons of honest day-1 reviews for your book.


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So….What am I going to get from this course?

  1. Over 32 lectures and 2 hours of content!
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  3. Build and engage a launch review team to get a minimum of 10-15 reviews up by launch
  4. Identify and connect with ideal target readers who are more engaged with your book content
  5. Deploy long-term strategies to help boost your ongoing book reviews
  6. Gain the positive social proof you need to help you sell more books
  7. Deal with negative reviews and use criticism to improve your books and get better reviews

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Fear of failure squashing your writing dreams? Watch this.

What does “failure” mean, really? Not meeting your goals? Not accomplishing what you set out to do? If you think about it, failure is a natural part of the growth process for any writer. It’s not a permanent state, unless you let it become one. It’s a stepping stone. A potential point you may hit on the path to where you want to go.

Don’t let failure be an impasse. Fail your way to success!

That magic idea that you’re going to hit it big with your first book, or any project for that matter, is inherently flawed. If you’re just starting out, you have to expect to fail a little, and if you embrace that possibility and aim to learn everything you can from it, then it’ll make those rough patches sting much less. That, and you’ll learn a ton to help you do better next time.

Here’s a little secret. Even the MOST SUCCESSFUL writers and authors have experienced failure. Sometimes catastrophic failure. I certainly have failed numerous times and in numerous ways. But I also haven’t given up, even when things seemed hopeless or pointless in the moment.

Case in point: During launch week, I thought I super duper screwed up the launch for Write Short Kindle Books. I pressed a button the wrong way and fudged some critical pivot in the launch cycle. But rather than give up, I aimed to keep pushing onward. As it turns out, that book has been my most successful one to date. I’ve sold over 5,000 copies this year, which is really awesome. I’m also about to launch the audiobook version.

Sooo…good times! Point is: don’t fear failure in your writing world. Embrace it. Learn from it. Then, overcome it.

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ssss3Dcover_NMEUNIER copyThis powerful resource delivers 19 core success strategies (and 70+ action tips) that will help you re-think your approach, write better (and better targeted) books, get more reviews, avoid wasting your time and money, build and expand your platform, and empower you to push upwards to achieve your goals of becoming a bestselling author.

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How to Write 1,000+ Words in Just Minutes (Tips for Writers Series)

So…I just launched a new YouTube channel, Writers Helping Writers where I plan to roll out ongoing video content for indie authors, freelance writers, and other creative folks on an ongoing basis. This video is the first in my Tips for Writers series, where I’ll cover handy tips and strategies to boost your writing world.

In this video, I’ll show you how to “write” over 1,000 words in just minutes using a microphone and the speech-to-text function in Google Docs. That’s right, you’re going to speak your draft. It’s not a perfect system, but I’ve found it really helps for getting a lot of thoughts down on the page quickly, and it really helps to beat writers block.

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If you’re an indie author (current or aspiring), feel free to request an invite to my new Facebook group aimed at talking shop and networking around all things self-publishing! Ping me a request, and if you’re not a robot, then chances are you’ll get approved! Come join others as we share tips, tackle challenges, and help one another out!

Writing and launching a Kindle book in two months – (Interview w/ Lauren Orsini, author of Build Your Anime Blog)

cover_png_smallGeeking out about self-publishing and the writing life is one of my favorite things.

In the spirit of highlighting what other cool things folks are doing in the self-publishing space, I’ve got a great interview on tap today from my indie author pal Lauren Orsini, who just recently launched her awesome new book Build Your Anime blog: How To Get Started, Stand Out, and Make Money Writing About What You Love.

Lauren is a niche blogging wiz, and her latest self-published project is jam packed with not only her own expert insights into what it takes to build, launch, maintain, and monetize a niche blog, but also features interviews with a dozen other anime bloggers.

In this interview, we chat about her new book, how she managed to write and launch the thing in only TWO MONTHS, what it’s like being a hybrid (indie and traditional published) author, and much more!
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Self-publishing experiment: Changing your book title MID-LAUNCH! Crazy or BRILLIANT?

transformOne of the things I REALLY love about self-publishing is that it gives you the speed, flexibility, and freedom to try bold experiments and turn on a dime to respond to how your book is performing. I’m a huge advocate of trying new ideas and using each book launch as an opportunity to experiment and test different theories. So I’m putting my own words into action this week, with a wild and crazy experiment: I’ve changed the title and subtitle of my newest book MID-LAUNCH!

So, you can now grab my new book Self-Publishing Success Strategies: 19 Tips To Sell More Kindle Books and Grow Your Audience for $0.99 right here!

Here’s a little more info about why I’m trying this experiment, and be sure to come back when I share the results in the next few weeks!

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Kindle Book Launch Success — Two Months Out and 2,600+ Sales

WSKDKindleCoverIt’s been about two months and a week since I launched Write Short Kindle Books, which became a Kindle bestseller and has easily been my most successful book yet. I previously posted an extensive rundown of how my initial launch month went, but I figured it’d be useful to check-in with an update on how things have gone past the prime 30-day launch window.

Overall, things are starting to slow down a bit, but I’m really pleased with how it’s all going. I’m also nowhere near finished with promo plans and other ideas to keep the book out there and in the charts. Anyhow, let’s get to it!

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Writer Shop Talk: Are You an Indie Author?

newshoptalkIt occurred to me when I set out on this new branch of my self-publishing adventure that my choice of using the phrase “Indie Author” in the title of my latest book — and an entire self-publishing series — might be a dangerous move. Some authors and writers get REALLY rankled when you attach the term “indie” to what they do.

I’m not sure if it’s having a negative impact on my books sales or overall perception of my work among some readers, but it has got me thinking more about the term “indie” and what it means to me.

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Building Launch Momentum for your Kindle Books (Without a HUGE Author Platform) Part I.

newshoptalkIf you’ve got a massive author platform to tap into, it’s not hard to rocket your books up Amazon’s charts and move some serious units right from the get-go. But what if you’ve got less to work with? I’ve been at this for a while, and even with six books out (and more on the way), I’m still developing and expanding my platform to where I want it to be. That hasn’t stopped me from finding success, and it shouldn’t stop you.

My self-publishing manifesto, Write Short Kindle Books, launched just two months ago and quickly became an #1 Kindle best seller in several categories. It’s done really well, though my platform, mailing list, and social reach is a lot smaller than a lot of authors and writers out there. I just launched the follow-up book, Indie Author Success Strategies: 19 Tips to Boost Your Kindle Book Business, and I’m back to square one with building momentum for this new book. Seems an appropriate time, I think, to talk about book launches!

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Get my next book FREE!

mailinglistpromo copyDid you enjoy my recent #1 Kindle Bestselling self-publishing manifesto, Write Short Kindle Books? Awesome! If you’re hungry for more, you can sign my Indie Author Success Book List to get my upcoming Book 2 in the series for FREE right here! It’ll be launch very soon on Kindle! I’ll also be offering other subscriber-only goodies and discounts on future books (and upcoming online courses I’m building).

Writer Shop Talk: Letting Your Book Drafts Percolate

newshoptalkA while ago, I decided that my creative and professional plans for 2015 would include launching a STUPID amount of quality books this year. Things are off to a great start, with Write Short Kindle Books becoming a #1 Kindle Bestseller in multiple categories and selling over 1,345 copies during launch month. As I continue to work on the final draft of several other books and outline upcoming projects, I decided to dig up a few old un-launched book projects that I had put on the shelf. Sometimes, if you’re me at least, you write books, set them aside, and then FORGET that you’ve written them. Whoops.

But a little time away from your drafts can be just the thing you need to realize that what you wrote actually isn’t utter garbage.

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