Don’t Starve Review (@GameSpot)

“Like in any extreme survival situation, the early moments of Don’t Starve’s grueling-yet-fascinating struggle to stay alive are electric. Suddenly the clock is ticking. Confidence is high as you first explore a vast open-world wilderness teeming with danger. From trapping a rabbit for the first time to crafting an axe to chop precious firewood before nightfall, every minor accomplishment that keeps you ticking is immediately gratifying. But as the days draw on and dodging death’s icy grip gets harder, the rigors of this unflinchingly brutal roguelike adventure chip away at your patience.”

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Review: Dungeons of Dredmor

“In all my years as an avid cartographer of dangerous virtual catacombs, I’ve never seen dark, nefarious corridors so well stocked with fancy cheeses, spiced meats, and assorted inebriating spirits as the ones in Dungeons of Dredmor. It’s rather funny, really, that this indie roguelike is more bountiful in its array of mojo-replenishing treats than my local supermarket, but there’s a good reason for that. Every room and hallway is also spring-loaded with merciless death. A few smart features make the process of diving into the addictive dungeon crawling grind more accessible to newcomers, yet this so-called “casual” monster-slaying and loot-hunting adventure is anything but. Impending doom waits around every corner. Embrace this fact, accept it, and you’ll come to love these ruthless dungeons.”

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