Feature: The Weirdest Games of 2011

“Some game developers like to push the envelope. Others prefer to light it on fire and dance around chanting unintelligible tributes to eldritch deities. We appreciate both methods when the end result is a heaping pile of cool insanity. The usual glut of vanilla gaming offerings made an appearance, but 2011 didn’t skimp on the bizarre either. In a year full of risk taking and wild experimentation, developers churned out a bold sampling of the weirdest, most unusual projects we’ve seen yet. From the risque and profane to the outright peculiar, here are eight of the oddest games of 2011.”

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Review: Rock of Ages

“As I thunder along a windy mountainside, barreling full-bore towards a cathartic rendezvous with the failing castle gates of my latest mortal enemy, the thrill of rounding the home stretch and plowing through a few gimpy barricades spurs my profane battle cries. I smash my rotund stone form into the critically wounded doorway, shattering it with a rumble. My doomed foe waiting inside emits a high-pitched squeal of terror right before I squash him, and the resulting “phhhhhttt” sound makes me chuckle. Almost every victory in Rock of Ages ends this way, but I haven’t tired of the spectacle; getting there is where all the fun and challenge is at.”

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