Strike Suit Zero Hands-On (@IGN)

“Rocketing through the stars in a hi-tech spacecraft is almost always 400 percent more awesome when you can transform mid-flight into a giant ass-kicking robot and unleash hell on the nearest swarm of enemy starfighters. Strike Suit Zero expertly channels the spirit of Robotech and its fellow mecha-minded ilk to make you feel like one bad mofo at moments, but I like the way it makes you work for it first.”

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Review: Hard Reset

“If nothing else, playing sci-fi shooter Hard Reset taught me this: We’re all totally screwed. When our toasters someday gain sentience and machines rise up to crush their human oppressors, we’ll get carved up like soft, squishy pot roasts. Pairing the cool cyberpunk vibe of Blade Runner with the classic run-and-gun action of Doom, this crazy first-person shooter illustrates two things with horrifying precision: 1) robots are not your friends, and 2) given the opportunity, they’ll rip your limbs off and stomp your entrails into a fine bloody paste.”

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Review: Thexder Neo

“Giant robots are cool. But giant robots from 1985 that shoot homing lasers from their eyes and transform into jet fighters are infinitely cooler. Thexder Neo slaps a fresh coat of paint on an antiquated PC shooter from days long past and proves a few moments of fun can still be squeezed from this stone.”

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