Feature: Retro Consoles Spawn Modern Music

“With every new generation of über-sexy, high-powered gaming consoles, another wave of outdated machines are inducted into the videogame hardware hall of fame – a graveyard of wires and small cartridges destined to gather dust on the top shelf of countless closets. It’s a grim fate for these once-beloved devices. But some old-school game consoles are being resurrected from the dead by the power of rock. Not content to let classic gaming gear from decades past go to waste, a tech-savvy array of underground musicians are digging out their retro consoles, dusting them off, and firing them up for a new purpose: to rock the living hell out of them.”

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Review: Punch-Out!!

“Nostalgia can be powerfully intoxicating, especially when game publishers whip up shiny new versions of your favorite childhood games and parade them before your eyes like a giant, marvelously glowing carrot dangling off a stick. The draw of retro remakes can be so alluring to some that it necessitates an impulse buy, which can sometimes wind up leaving you feeling bruised and beaten with said stick. Digging into Nintendo’s newly revamped Punch-Out!! on the Wii will undoubtedly make you sore, but not because the game isn’t absolutely incredible.”

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