Review: Shadow of Destiny

“When it comes to death, most people don’t get a second chance, or a third, or a fourth. However, they also don’t have a creepy disembodied entity watching over them and offering “friendly” advice on how to best stay alive. Armed with this insightful info and a device that lets you go back in time, you have nothing to lose in Shadow of Destiny – aside from your life. Warping between the past and the present to change your fate in Konami’s time traveling adventure doesn’t change the fact it’s a dusty port of a decade-old mediocre PS2 game.”

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GTA :Chinatown Wars iPhone: The Best Version Yet? (YES)

“Throwing Molotov cocktails through storefront windows, curb-stomping passersby, dealing in illicit narcotics, popping caps from the open window of a speeding vehicle you just jacked, and running over pedestrians for thrills are among the many wicked pursuits that make being a cutthroat gangster in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars a truly badass experience. The good news is iPhone gamers can now get in on the virtual thug action, but is it the definitive version? Here’s the rundown.”

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First Details on Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

“Like precious drops of life-giving water in a barren, dust-strewn landscape, details on Ubisoft’s new Prince of Persia game – slated to launch across all major gaming consoles in just a matter of months – have been excruciatingly scarce. Even the teaser trailer below left fans choking in the desert sands, desperate for real information. After chatting with Director of Level Design Michael McIntyre at a recent Ubisoft press event, however, we’ve managed to scavenge a few draughts of early intel on the game to temporarily slake your thirst.”

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PTOM Holiday 2009 Print Contributions

After some hunting, I finally managed to track down a copy of the Holiday 2009 issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine. My review of Tornado Outbreak on PS3 appears on pg. 85 and the PSN section sports a two-page spread I wrote on the PSP Minis launch line-up. I’m pretty happy with the way both pieces turned out, and it looks like I’ll be contributing more heavily to the magazine shortly – particularly in the PlayStation Network Games section. Thrilling stuff. Check it out if you can.

Review: LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

“No matter how hard you try, you just can’t beat a LEGO wookiee. Lucas Arts and TT Games’ have struck stud – that’s gold, in LEGO terms – with their lighthearted, blocky take on the Star Wars franchise. Though moving on to tackle Indiana Jones offered similar charm and adventure, the subject matter just doesn’t captivate players as readily. The original Indy flicks were pretty awesome, but we already got a rather mediocre PSP title that focused heavily on those quality films. Last year’s film revival of the series sparked a reason to make LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues – a game that still manages to be fun despite being based upon a movie that most fans think should have never been made.”

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Review: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

“The elf-like Jak and his furry ottsel companion Daxter have certainly been around the block more than a few times. The first three games set in the eco-infused, technology-laden world left behind by the Precursors set a high benchmark for the series. While more recent excursions into the realm of battle-focused kart racing (in Jak X: Combat Racing) and Daxter’s own solo adventure on PSP provided varying levels of amusement, it’s great to the see the duo back in action together again in The Lost Frontier.”

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Review: Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble

“There’s not much that brightens the day quite like getting schooled in the fine art of Badassitude. The world is full of Banchos (RE: extreme kickers of major ass), but being the dude with the most Banchosity means you have to let your manliness spill out, deliver some well-placed Pimp Hands when it’s called for, and brazenly Smash Talk your way into the most foolish of brawls. Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is why being a cocky bastard and kicking people’s teeth in up and down the streets of Japan is a fun as it is funny.”

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Review: LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

“With all the LocoRoco sleeping peacefully under a starry night sky, no one is awake enough to notice the sneaky BuiBui crawling around in the bush nearby. With the pull of a single lever, the mischievous fellow dumps the whole lot into the spooky BuiBui underworld where the naughty critters have constructed an elaborate series of obstacle courses designed to test your hopping, rolling, and eating abilities. Picking from one of many colorful LocoRoco, you’ll help them oblige their captors by attempting to plow through 16 wild, nighttime levels of world-turning, platforming action as fast as possible.”

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Review: Thexder Neo

“Giant robots are cool. But giant robots from 1985 that shoot homing lasers from their eyes and transform into jet fighters are infinitely cooler. Thexder Neo slaps a fresh coat of paint on an antiquated PC shooter from days long past and proves a few moments of fun can still be squeezed from this stone.”

This uber-short review was originally meant for print, but you can read it in its full two-paragraph glory over here at GamesRadar.

Review: Undead Knights

“Being the hero is usually a cut and dry thing. There’s a distinct line drawn between good and evil, and your feet more often than not tend to be squarely planted on the prim and proper side of that invisible barrier. Undead Knights spits on that line, douses it in blood, and drags dismembered corpses back and forth across it. There’s a general sense felt throughout the game that the vile and heinous deeds you’re perpetrating are a justifiable form of karmic retribution, even if your soul will inevitably burn in hellish torment when all is said and done.”

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