Monster Racers Review

“The advent of the Pokemon series in the mid-1990s and the subsequent frenzy of popularity the charming Pocket Monster games have enjoyed ever since have spurred plenty of clones based on young kids battling with collectible critters for fame and fortune. Monster Racers’ inspiration is obvious, yet embedded deeply in the game’s carbon-copy presentation and revamped concept is a unique element that’s strong enough to give the well-trodden genre some new life. Instead of engaging in lighthearted turn-based combat, the myriad beasties you capture and raise have a burning desire to race against each other when they come face-to-face. Pairing this solid and seamless racing component with the some of the mechanics that make the Pokemon games so entertaining yields an addictive–if somewhat unoriginal–experience.”

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Feature: Getting Fit With Pikachu

“I’ll admit; I didn’t get off to a great start. I spent most of day one on a bus for five hours on the trip home from attending PAX East in Boston, but I did manage to get into the swing by mid-week. Walking around the house and venturing out each day to walk my dog Coco around the block was enough to make it past the first week’s goal of 21,000 steps by the seat of my pants. Keeping up with my competitors via Twitter, I grew concerned that my meager average of around 5,000 steps a day wasn’t going to cut it for very long.”

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Review: Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

“Even though Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes of their 10-year-old Game Boy Color counterparts, they’re the first entries in the series to actually make you want to exercise, thanks to the ingenious Pokewalker accessory that comes bundled with them. Yes, the prospect of getting up off your duff and walking around the neighborhood becomes a lot more enticing when you can level up your favorite Pokemon in the process. That’s the real hook here, and it’s a sharp one.”

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Feature: Checking in from PAX East: New Location, Same Love

“For anybody unable to afford the trek across country to PAX Prime every year, the announcement of a separate East Coast PAX was welcome. I can also imagine Boston business owners in the area near ground zero welcomed the news with excitement, expecting to cash in on the sudden crush of business. Some nearby establishments placed signs, like baited lures, welcoming attendees in clever ways. Others seemed genuinely puzzled over why their clientele suddenly made a rapid shift towards the geekier end of the spectrum. Whether it was ready or not, the city of Boston was host to a gamer influx of truly epic proportions.”

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Review: Gyromancer

“The Bejeweled-meets-D&D smash Puzzle Quest proved serious RPGs and sparkly gem matching puzzle gameplay could tie the knot and keep from strangling one another. Gyromancer treads similar territory but adds in a few new twists… literally.”

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