Play This Now: Meteos

“It’s not surprising that many players and critics alike dubbed Meteos the best handheld puzzle game since Tetris. Almost immediately, the game’s action-packed match-three space battles marked it as the puzzler to own on the DS. Four years later, it’s still sitting high atop the must-own list of titles available for the handheld. Sending colored blocks and assorted symbols rocketing skyward like psychedelic missiles towards opposing alien worlds is mesmerizing enough to keep you hooked and frantic enough to make your palms sweat.”

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Play This Now: Geometry Wars Galaxies

“Ever since high school, the study of mathematics in all of its various insidious incarnations has been the utter bane of my existence. For whatever reason, my brain just doesn’t work that way. Maybe it’s the fact I almost failed geometry class, but the thought of blasting those vile shapes (which represent horribly complex angle and volume formulas I could never quite seem to recall during crucial tests) into neon space dust is endlessly appealing. While the shape-destroying mathematical carnage in Geometry Wars: Galaxies speaks to me on a deeper level, its stylish arcade-style gameplay is also universally compelling.”

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Play This Now: Kirby Canvas Curse

“The launch of the original Nintendo DS ushered in some truly innovative changes to the world of handheld gaming, but many players initially wondered how the games for the system would live up to the promises teased by the unusual hardware’s new features. For some, it would take an amiable pink blob to quash their uneasiness. Early on in the life cycle of the DS, few games used the handheld’s touch screen features as magnificently as Kirby Canvas Curse — a game that turned the platforming genre on its head with a revolutionary and fresh approach to stylus controls.”

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Play This Now: Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol

“In addition to spreading happiness and cheer throughout the land, it turns out pint-sized robots make good environmentalists. Right before the GameCube was replaced by the Wii, the first Chibi-Robo game came out, offering one last great hurrah in the form of a quirky and funny sleeper hit starring a tiny robot with a penchant for doing household chores. Far from feeling like actual work, conducting Chibi-Robo’s delightful adventure and engaging in a broad range of scrubbing, cleaning, and other virtual forms of menial labor offered a tremendously compelling distraction from doing those very same activities in the real world. Though it’s scaled slightly back for the DS, Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol is easily just as charming and absorbing as its bigger sibling.”

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Play This Now: Plantasia

“The sun is out, warm breezes have arrived, and the birds are frolicking and singing; it’s finally springtime. Not surprisingly, the promise of delightful weather often instills an innate desire to get started on planting a variety of beautiful flowers and tasty veggies — even in those who possess a less-than-desirable amount of greenness in their thumb or lack the motivation to actually get down and dirty in the garden. If you’re an armchair gardener at heart or are just temporarily stuck indoors due to inclement weather, tending to the cheerful, smiling flora in Plantasia provides an uplifting alternative to the real thing.”

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