Plants vs. Zombies Vita Review (@GamesRadar)

“How many versions of PopCap Games’loveable tower defense puzzler Plants vs. Zombies does a household really need on different gaming platforms? It’s a question raised yet again by the arrival of Sony’s newest handheld. But even if you’ve already waged leafy war against hordes of goofy, road cone-topped zombies from start-to-finish in multiple formats like we have, you may find yourself enticed into just one more download. With its ultra crisp presentation and a few subtle but welcome updates that make good use of the new control options, the Vita showcases Plants vs. Zombies at its finest.”

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Review: Plants vs. Zombies

“PopCap’s debut strategy defense game is a peculiar one indeed. Zombies are on the prowl in the neighborhood in search of your sweet, delicious brains. Instead of a quartet of gun-toting survivors, a photojournalist with a thing for shopping malls, or a swordfighting gal in a bikini, the true heroes of this undead apocalypse come out of a seed packet. This hearty assortment of flowers and other exotic plants vow to protect their master’s brains at all costs and hunker down to defend their stretch of the lawn from the shambling invaders. Luckily for your apparently enticing gray matter, this season’s annuals have good aim. Gardening is rarely an exciting endeavor, except when it’s done in a frantic attempt to save your hide.”

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