Free Bytes: Chaos Invaders

I’ve played tons of different Space Invader clones, but this one has got to be the coolest. Chaos Invaders riffs off the general idea and pixelated graphical style from the original, but the gameplay itself is a wild and wooly mix that goes from crazy, to crazier, to craziest. You should really check it out in my latest Free Bytes writeup over here at IGN.

Technically, this is last week’s Free Bytes, but since I’ve been trying to get caught up on posts and a new column won’t be going up this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I figure it’s better to post it up late than never. I’ve got some REALLY hot and wacky games coming up in future installments that kick off again next month after the holidays, so stay tuned for the next batch with new installments appearing each Thurs. in the PC section of IGN.


Review: The Blackwell Convergence

“On the whole, point-and-click adventure games tend to get a bad rap for often being excruciatingly long, a little on the dry side, and gruelingly tough. The Blackwell Convergence is none of those things. Instead, it offers up a highly stylish supernatural tale filled with unusual characters and punchy plot twists. It’s also just peculiar enough to keep you transfixed to the very end. Best of all, you needn’t have to have played through its two predecessors to be able to jump right in and enjoy the adventure.”

Check out the full review here at Gamezebo.

Free Bytes July Medley: Food Frenzy

“Who doesn’t love to eat? It’s one of our many basic needs for survival, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it in the process. Whether you’re a carnivore, an omnivore, a vegetarian, a vegan, or (gasp!) even a freegan, we’ve got something you’ll like. This month’s Free Bytes themed medley gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “playing with your food.” Bon appétit!”

Check out the full feature here at Green Pixels.