Free Bytes: PlasmaPig

“I never thought it would be possible to have so much fun pressing just a single button over and over again. The space bar is your best friend in PlasmaPig, but the hordes of angry battleships that swarm in to attack your delicate fleet of pigs most certainly are not. With only a weak force field protecting each of the mother ships in your dwindling armada of porky space explorers, you’re the last line of defense to prevent them from being turned into intergalactic bacon.”

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Free Bytes: When Pigs Fly

“Wandering piggies are often prone to getting themselves into trouble. Such is the case with one special pink oinker who winds up accidentally falling into a dark cave network without any means of climbing back out. Despite squealing with all its might, there’s no one around to help the poor critter. In desperation, this little piggy makes a wish…and it actually comes true. But the newly-sprouted feathery wings sticking out of its back will take some getting used-to. That’s where your fast fingers and steely nerves come in.”

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