PAX East Preview: Hydrophobia

“Frantically running through dark, oppressive corridors that are rapidly filling with water was enough to nearly induce a mini-panic attack during our hands-on time with Hydrophobia on the PAX East show floor. The team at Dark Energy Digital has managed to capture the untamed energy of the ocean and turn it into a truly malevolent force to be feared. Hydrophobia is a game about the killing potential of water as much as it is about an overpopulated world being set upon by terrorists. We dig that.”

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Free Bytes: Prose and Motion

“Poetry and physics are not two things you’d commonly associate with one another, but being able to building a bridge with random letters you’ve formed into words is actually pretty awesome. While there are plenty of games out there that let you meddle with letters and wordplay or fiddle around with the laws of gravity separate and apart from one another, Prose and Motion is a rare breed: a word-based physics puzzler that will test your brain power skills as well as your hand-eye coordination.”

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Review: Bob Came in Pieces

“Real dedication is when you love your job so much that you’re willing to travel across the surface of a vast alien world to find all the ship parts necessary to repair your damaged craft, rocket back into the cosmos, and then jet to work to punch-in on time. Even if such an extreme dedication to the nine-to-five grind work doesn’t ring as true with everyone, Bob Came in Pieces is still an intriguing indie game that blends exploration and problem solving puzzle elements with a strong physics engine and a lovely design to create a whimsical adventure.”

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iPhone Review: Tumbledrop

“The iPhone certainly has seen more than its fair share of physics-based block games, but none of them explode with cuteness and lovable personality quite like Tumbledrop. For a game that started out as a free flash demo, this brilliantly simple and intensely fun puzzle game couldn’t be possibly be any better suited for Apple’s portable touch-screen platform. Sending smiling little block creatures tumbling to their watery doom with a tap of your finger is a disarmingly cheerful task.”

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Review: Ion Assault

“We feel bad for all the people who will probably take one look at Ion Assault and write it off as yet another generic arena space shooter. They’ll be missing out on what’s probably one of the coolest mechanics we’ve seen in the genre. Harnessing power from the latent energy fields around your ship, you’ll launch bombardments of charged ions at foes until they overheat, reach critical mass, and burst like big space pimples. And yes, this is every bit as satisfying as it sounds.”

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Free Bytes: Cat Cat Watermelon

“What do deliciously ripened fruits, colorful beach balls, assorted blocks, and adorable kittens have in common? Not much, except that you get to stack them in crazy, towering combinations in the goofily-named physics puzzler Cat Cat Watermelon. The recipe for a good time is simple: a spoonful of cuteness, a little gravity, a tiny platform, and loads of challenge. This is one insanely tasty balancing act you won’t want to miss out on.”

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