Reviews: Guns of Icarus

“Soaring high above the clouds with the sun beaming down and the wind in your face, it’s simply exhilarating to look out across the deck of your airship and marvel at the freedom that comes with piloting your own vessel capable of sailing the skies. But such moments of calm and tranquility are fleeting in Guns of Icarus, since heavily armed air pirates with itchy trigger fingers seem all-to-keen on swiping your cargo through brute force. And that’s when the excitement kicks in full throttle.”

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Review: Free Realms

“While simultaneously grooming younger gamers for the big league MMORPGs later in life and offering an online world suitable for all manner of players, Sony Online Entertainment’s newly launched, kid-friendly Free Realms lets gamers of all ages mingle in an exotic and playful fantasy world. Without paying a single dime, there’s a staggering amount of exploration, quests, and games to enjoy in these virtual hills and valleys.”

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