Indie Spotlight #2: Flash, Bang, Boom

“Freeware used to be a completely different animal back in the earlier days of home computing, but the birth of the Internet and the more recent advent of blazing-fast connections speeds have changed things completely. The Flash gaming scene has since exploded, giving bedroom coders and startup indie studios a shot at having their games played by millions of players. That’s a win-win for players looking to get in some short bursts of gaming. But how does one stay afloat simply making free browser-based games on a full-time basis? The folks at Nitrome Limited have it figured out.”

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Flash Game Freebie: Blast RPG

“Finding new ways to inject action and excitement into a tired old RPG formula can be a major challenge, but what better way to spice things up than by violently shooting the hero out from a giant freaking cannon at his monstrous adversaries with his mighty sword drawn? It turns out that making your armored warrior fly through the air as far as humanly possible while carving up as many monsters as he can along the way quickly is one of the most addictive ways to level grind imaginable.”

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Free Bytes: Rubble Trouble

Yes! Free Bytes is back! Check out my weekly column  installments highlighting a new indie  freeware game in the PC section of every Friday.

“If professional demolition teams were somehow legally allowed to use rocket launchers to take down old unwanted buildings, then I’d be changing professions faster than you could say “holy airstrike, Batman!” Since that’s probably never going to happen — quite possibly due to the inevitable collateral damage that would be inflicted on the surrounding human populace — we’ll just have to stick to getting our destructive kicks in the virtual world. And Nitrome’s charmingly explosive flash puzzler Rubble Trouble is just the ticket.”

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