Feature: 7 Things Parents Should Know about FF XIV

“While Final Fantasy XIV features character and class development, leveling-up, exploration, missions, combat, and many other elements common to the role-playing genre and the broader series at large, the fact the game is designed specifically for online brings with it many changes that impact the interface, the gameplay flow, and how you interact with other characters. This changes the experience substantially. Here are some important factors you should consider before diving into Final Fantasy XIV’s vast online world.”

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Review: Ragnarok DS

“Taking the axe to a popular MMORPG and paring it down to fit on a handheld platform is risky business, particularly when the massively multiplayer online portion of the equation is what made the experience so enticing in the first place. Ragnarok DS may look and play very much like its online counterpart, but the sacrifices made to bring the game to a portable format wind up hamstringing the adventure. After slogging through many hours of hacking up scores of creatures with my small band of warriors, I found out the hard way this dry, generic anime RPG has a few decent carry-over elements and a whole lot of tedious grind.”

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Review: Champions Online

“There are a ton of thrills to be had in the realm of spandex suits and superpowers, which is why crafting a totally unique superhero and charging head first into the troubled Millennium City in Cryptic Studio’s new MMORPG is immediately gratifying. The action-focused heroics in Champions Online are fast, furious, and truly fun. As with any MMO, the game is a constantly evolving work in progress that’s still being tweaked and expanded. Comic book fans will find lots to enjoy here, though more work will have to be done before Champions reaches its full potential.”

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Review: Free Realms

“While simultaneously grooming younger gamers for the big league MMORPGs later in life and offering an online world suitable for all manner of players, Sony Online Entertainment’s newly launched, kid-friendly Free Realms lets gamers of all ages mingle in an exotic and playful fantasy world. Without paying a single dime, there’s a staggering amount of exploration, quests, and games to enjoy in these virtual hills and valleys.”

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