Review: Spore Galactic Adventures

“Tooling around in your space ship, taking on missions, accruing resources, and making nice (or not so nice) with other inhabitants of the galaxy is an appropriate climax to Spore’s evolutionary progression. However, once you stepped foot, talon, or tentacle in your space ship and blasted off towards the stars, there was no turning back. It was a shame to have to bid adieu to controlling your sentient alien beast up close and personal, but it’s a heartbreak you will no longer have to endure. Galactic Adventures lets you continue exploring the cosmos in your armored space vessel to your hearts content but also gives you the leeway to take on wildly new and inventive quests on tons of strange planets found throughout the galaxy.”

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Review: The Sims 3

“When real life slips into a dull spell or the stresses of daily existence inevitably boil over, it can be a comforting escape to seek refuge in the malleable nature of virtual realms. Being able to control your character’s appearance from head to toe, design your surroundings to suit your interests, and interact with others in ways you might not be accustomed to can all make for a highly entertaining and engrossing experience. The irony of the Sims is that it’s all too easy to temporarily abandon one’s own personal hygiene, chores, and other nagging responsibilities in the real world in order to micromanage the around-the-clock needs of your digital household. Strangely, that’s all part of the fun.”

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