Review: Legend of Fae

“Even if you’re a total sucker for the casual allure of match-three puzzle games like I am, the genre has been recycled so many different times now that it’s getting harder to find new versions that still feel fresh and exciting. Legend of Fae spices up the old formula with a dose of real-time combat and elemental wizardry wrapped in an engaging tale of two disparate realms colliding. This indie action-RPG puzzler also packs a surprising level of gameplay depth to round out its accessible nature and lighthearted vibe.”

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Review: The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates

“If you prefer some swashbuckling, keelhauling, and plank-walking flavor in your match-three puzzle action, then boy are you in luck. Sailing the deadly high seas in search of trouble and treasure provides the enticing thematic backdrop for a healthy dose of polished puzzle gameplay in The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates. A little piratical twist and a lot of variety make for some fun lighthearted Caribbean mayhem. Just watch out for sea serpents, scurvy, and sunken reefs along the way.”

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Review: Quantz

“Like brightly hued boxes full of enticing candy bits, color-matching puzzle games come in all manner of different shapes and sizes. Though it seems rare to stumble upon new variations that are particularly original, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a puzzle game where the pieces I’m trying to match roll around willy-nilly in every direction – as if they loathe the thought of being combined in the first place. Temperamental space marbles are not the only thing that makes QuantZ so unique.”

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