Grab Some Indie Love

Until Friday the 19th, you can pick up six awesome indie games for a super low price with The Indie Love Bundle. The package includes And Yet It Moves, Aztaka, Auditorium, Eufloria, Machinarium, and Osmos. $85 worth of indie games for $20? Oh hell yeah.


Review: Machinarium

“There’s nothing like waking up after being unceremoniously dumped into a heap of scrap only to find your head and limbs have gone missing amidst the filthy debris. Making a crummy situation worse, mechanical hooligans have strapped a large, makeshift bomb to the central tower in the looming industrial city you were just booted from, and your shiny lady friend is nowhere to be found. Being a little droid in a gritty robot world is tough business, but it’s worth pushing through the many seemingly insurmountable obstacles you’ll face in order to get to the heart of what makes Machinarium tick.”

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